At Arch, we believe that Corporate Responsibility is about doing the right thing for our employees, our clients, our shareholders and our communities. We contribute to the development and growth of our employees, facilitate and encourage environmental sustainability inside and outside the workplace and promote corporate citizenship and volunteerism. As an industry leader, we acknowledge a responsibility to our stakeholders in a number of key areas:
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      • In the U.S., we offer employees up to two days of paid time off to volunteer with a nonprofit organization. We aim to help amplify the impact our employees can have in their communities through this policy.
      • We use a technology-based portal that makes giving and volunteering convenient for employees. The portal safeguards employee and corporate donations by monitoring the eligibility of recipient organizations.

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      • Arch MI Data Dive Competition: This day-long event connects a local nonprofit with college students who have a knack for data science. In 2019, we partnered with the Greensboro Children’s Museum, where students had the opportunity to solve a real-world, data-related challenge by putting their data science and business analytics skills to the test.
      • Internship Programs: In Bermuda every summer, we select college students for paid internships during their summer breaks. Interns are assigned a mentor and participate in education sessions with the various company departments, such as modeling, underwriting and finance. In the U.S., we’ve designed a 10-week internship program that lets students in various disciplines, such as communications, alternative markets and data analytics, network with executives and participate in intern-specific events and programs.
      • St. John’s University Scholarships: St. John’s University honored our former Chairman, Constantine Iordanou, as the “2017 Insurance Leader of the Year.” In support, the company, our employees and our directors established a scholarship fund and provided an endowment in Mr. Iordanou’s name of close to $1,000,000. The scholarship fund is need based and was established for risk management students, with a preference for international students.
      • Philippines Student Scholarships: Arch provides college scholarships for children of eligible Arch employees in the Philippines.

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      • Opens Doors Foundation (ODF): Our partnership with the Mortgage Bankers Association’s ODF helps individuals who are caring for critically ill or injured children cover their mortgage or rent payments.
      • Bermuda Hospitals: We’ve made significant contributions to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in Bermuda. In the area of health, we also annually support the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre’s Relay for Life event. Prior to the ongoing initiative for 2019, we raised more than $85,000 to help fund cancer treatment services.
      • Philippines Initiative: Arch has created a multi-year commitment to organizations in the Philippines that support female victims of abuse as well as orphaned and abandoned children.
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    • Lease offices in LEED and Energy Star® buildings.
    • Promote recycling at our facilities.
    • Reduce paper usage by encouraging paperless business dealings and double-sided printing.
    • Encourage video conferencing to minimize air travel.
    • Design energy efficient office plans with energy efficient equipment and lighting.
    • Educate employees about the ways they can reduce their own individual and collective environmental impact.
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    • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
    • Adhere to the highest standards of conduct and business practice.
    • Integrate consideration of ESG issues into our due diligence and investment decision-making process.
    • Measure our exposure to ESG risks in general and to the individual sub factors (Environmental, Social, Governance), ensuring we focus on issues that are specific and material to individual companies.
    • Assess and monitor the standards employed by external managers and service providers, and incorporate ESG factors into our annual review of the managers.
    • Regularly review and quarterly report to our senior management and the Board, our exposures to ESG factors as part of portfolio oversight and risk management process.
    • Where possible, engage with companies in which we are invested to support sustainable long-term business planning.
    • Engage with industrywide initiatives to improve consistency of ESG reporting.
    • Ensure that all applicable employees are aware of these policies.
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      Arch’s commitment to upholding human rights is embedded in our company culture. Our policies, practices and community volunteerism reflect our belief that all people should be treated with dignity and respect. We strive to provide a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace for our employees.

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      Employees are our most valuable asset. We support individual development and performance in furtherance of our collective success. We encourage continuous learning in the classroom, on-the-job and through online learning opportunities.

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      • Compensation and Benefits
        We are proud of the competitive compensation programs as well as the health and welfare benefits offered to our employees. Our benefits packages are designed to support the needs of a diverse group of employees.

      • Recognition
        We believe in recognizing the impact that employees have on our organization through their daily contributions.

        • Arch Achieve: Arch Achieve is our unique peer recognition program that annually awards Arch employees from across the company for demonstrating high performance and embodying our corporate Values.
        • Access (intranet): The company’s global intranet educates and communicates to and about Arch employees and their accomplishments.
        • Service Awards: Arch celebrates employees for milestone anniversaries with the company.

      • Safety and Compliance
        We believe in protecting our employees and maintaining safe work environments.

        • Whistleblower Program: We maintain a formal whistleblower mechanism through which employees are encouraged to report actual or planned business conduct by an employee or anyone doing business with the company that is believed to be a violation of our Code of Business Conduct, company policies or any other applicable law or regulation. Our employees have access to a toll free number that is available 24/7.
        • Data Policy: We are committed to using personal data in a responsible manner in order to safeguard employee and client data.
        • Workplace Safety: We strive to maintain safe and healthy work environments for the benefit of all of our employees, suppliers, clients and shareholders.

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      Arch recognizes that bringing together diverse backgrounds and experiences drives innovation and leads to better outcomes for all stakeholders. We seek to foster a culture that embraces diversity and gives all employees the opportunity to succeed. This commitment is embedded in our Values and contained in our policies, including Arch’s Code of Business Conduct.

      • Employee Engagement Survey: In 2019, Arch conducted its first Global Employee Engagement Survey. All employees were invited to participate and share their perspective on the company’s leadership, development opportunities and future success, among other key focus areas. Ultimately, 78% of Arch employees participated. The results indicated that our people share a bright outlook for our future, with an 84% engagement score (9 points above the industry norm).

      • Employee Resource Groups at Arch: Arch has several Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that bring together employees sharing common backgrounds or interests in order to connect with one another and to provide strategic value to the organization. ERGs at Arch include Young Professionals; Women & Allies; Black Professionals and Allies; and Abled not Labeled. We recognize that ERGs can create strategic business impact while supporting the needs of our employees, and we therefore aim to encourage the continued growth of current ERGs as well as the creation of new ERGs across the company.
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